Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lisa Coming On Down

Ken Patterson has put together a BASFA outing to this Friday night's performance of The Game Show Show. Lisa has decided that she'd like to see it, although she always is nervous about such things due to her tinnitus. Speaking of nervous, a storm is heading into the area that it apt to drop snow on the passes Thursday (and on Fernley on Friday), so she's coming on down to San Jose tomorrow to get ahead of the weather. We are very much interested in seeing what the revamped production is compared to the "workshop" version earlier this year. We wish the folks at the Retrodome well; alas, the Dome will be closing at the end of January, inasmuch as the property owner is not renewing the lease on the building in order to redevelop the land.

As some of you know, Lisa and I are fans of the musical 1776. That musical apparently also had a sort of workshop in its early days, which included numbers that never made it into the final stage show (or the movie). There doesn't appear to be any record of what those lost numbers were. We've always wished we could have seen that early production. If Game Show Show manages to go on to future greatness (fingers crossed), we'll be happy to be able to say We knew it back when....
Tags: basfa, game shows, lisa, theatre

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