Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Thanks for Playing (Yet Again)

Lisa and I joined a big bunch of BASFA members to see The Game Show Show at the Retrodome on Friday night. This was my first chance to see the revamped version of the show after I saw the summer "workshop" version four times. I once again had a grand time, and was very impressed at the changes. Most of the musical numbers were rescored to the better, at least one number was dropped, a couple were added, and elements of other songs changed. The play was also significantly rewritten at the end of Act 1 to make it far clearer what was happening and to make the male lead much more sympathetic.

As with the earlier version, five members of the audience become part of the show, and they were really lucky to have five live wires who made the show better by their presence. (I've seen some dead fish, including the person with whom I was paired the time I was a contestant; you never are completely sure what you're going to get when you pick people out of the audience like that.)

Speaking of fish, Kuma Bear really liked "Tripp" MacMurray's fish tie. (Bear didn't have to buy a ticket; he sits on Lisa's lap.)

I was delighted to be able to talk to most of the members of the cast when they mingled with the audience after the show. I thanked Shannon Guggenheim for using a suggestion I made and writing it into the script: the first contestant in Act 1 is always from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

Lisa and I had a wonderful time. Alas, the musical is on for but just one more weekend after this, and I'll be heading to Fernley next Saturday (and Lisa goes home this Sunday). I am seriously considering making next Friday night's show, however, and I've already signed up to buy a copy of the cast album when they make it.

Folks, if you enjoy game shows and enjoy musical theatre, you have this weekend and next to see this production, and then it's unclear when, where, or if you'll ever get a chance to see it again, due to the RetroDome's closure when their lease ends at the end of January. Take in the show now before it's too late.
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