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WHC Saturday

I'm back in my hotel room in the Cathedral Hill Hotel where the wireless internet connection is wonky -- not the hotel's fault, as I'm leeching off what I can pick up from my third-floor room rather than paying $10/day for what the hotel provides. (Service is free and solid if not that fast from the Holiday Inn; yet another reason I wish I'd remembered to book early before the room block filled up.)

Anyway, I did enjoy myself a lot today at the WHC, despite having little interest in the program. I spent a good chunk of today sitting on the couch in the lobby chatting with people. I was happy to talk with Kim Newman for a few minutes and congratulate him in person for his Hugo Award nomination for Prix Victor Hugo. I saw the Art Show and Dealers Room, and bought a book of Kim's from Cargo Cult.

So the socializing has been good, and I haven't had to work that hard. But we turned in early because we must actually set an alarm tomorrow on account of having to check out of the hotel and be back at the Holiday Inn for the 10 AM WHC Board Meeting, where I'll be presenting Winnipeg's bid to host a future WHC.
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