Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Corporate Meetings & Travel

Today was the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting in Centerville. Glenn Glazer was good enough to pick me up and take me to the meeting, which was in the train station meeting room near where I used to live. (Still no word on the van.) I'll have more to say about the meeting once I've caught up on minutes and such, but there were no real surprises from today's meeting. We just kept moving along on our current projects. However, long-serving SFSFC director and Vice President Nancy L. Cobb, who was up for re-election, announced her retirement from SFSFC business, and in the ensuing election, Andy Trembley (who was already a non-voting director on account of being co-chairman of Westercon 66) was elected to fill her seat. I was also re-elected for another three year term along with Cindy Scott.

Speaking of Board meetings, it looks like there's going to be a board meeting of the SF & F Translation Awards' parent corporation tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, it is going to happen while I should be on a train somewhere in the Sierra Nevada on the way to Reno. I'll try to call in to the meeting, but cell phone reception on the Amtrak route is terrible because in many places it's away from the freeway. I'll do my best, but I've turned in all of my pieces of the corporation's business, so the other directors can get along without me if I can't make it into the call.
Tags: sfsfc, translation awards

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