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Thanksgiving: Just Ducky

This is Lisa and my (and travelswithkuma's) first Thanksgiving at Fernley House. This year my family didn't get together in Yuba City, although my mother did call and chat with me for a while this morning, so Lisa and I stayed home for the holiday. The oven in the trailer is too small for most turkeys, so we thought we'd try something different and got a duck from Whole Foods Market in Reno when she collected me last Sunday. Lisa worked very hard today cooking the duck, making stuffing, rice, corn, and biscuits. We could skip the other traditional fixings (neither of us like cranberries). She also cooked two pumpkin pies, one in each oven (there's one inside Fernley House in the not-fully-functional kitchen), although one of those didn't go that well because a misreading of the settings on the house oven. (Fortunately, the weather isn't as cold as it might have been, so venting the smoke wasn't too much of a hardship.)

We also were fortunate that the local grocery store was open today because when it came time to start applying the marinade Lisa wanted to do, she couldn't find any of the several jars of honey that she was sure we had. Looking meaningfully at Kuma Bear (who looked quite innocent), we popped over to Scolari's and supported local farmers by buying a jar of alfalfa honey made in Lovelock, Nevada.

Making something of an occasion of things, we ate in the living room (rather than our normal dining table in the trailer). Here's what things looked like just before digging in.

We thoroughly enjoyed dinner. The duck turns out to have been just the right size for us, so we won't be having to work our way through days of turkey leftovers. We went for a long walk after dinner to the Fernley Nugget casino (about 4 km round trip), where Lisa sat down to play a slot machine, but not for long, because she hit a jackpot on the third or fourth pull and walked away $4 ahead before we headed home. My blood sugar level when we got back wasn't as low as I would have liked, but low enough that I think I can handle a slice of pumpkin pie.

Lisa says this is the best Thanksgiving she can ever remember. Lisa says she was very happy to be so domestic today.
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