Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Important Honeydew List Item

The weather here this holiday weekend has been very nice: clear and fine, not even that cold. (Overnight lows at freezing or just below.) We've been staying home, trying to get our for walks, but otherwise resting. I'm still fighting bronchitis. Today we walked down the railroad right-of-way to the Pilot truck stop, where Lisa played a slot machine that used to be at the Nugget in Sparks but isn't anymore, and she got a very nice jackpot round, walking away with $37 after having started with $20. (Lisa kept the $20 and told me to "keep the change" when I redeemed the slot ticket.)

After we got home, it was time for us to do a significant piece of furniture moving for which she needed me: moving the large sofa. When we moved all of the Fremont furniture up here, the sofa and loveseat went into the family room at the south end of the house because it was the only place we could get them into the house, through the sliding door that we are trying to not use because it needs replacing on account of sand having messed up the tracks. Lisa measured things and determined that we couldn't get the sofa into the living room at the north end of the house through the front door on account of the way it would have to snake through the front entry way. The only possible path was through the kitchen and across the range-top in the center of the kitchen.

Lisa laid blankets across the range. (The natural gas is turned off in the house, so there was no danger of turning burners on.) We mapped out the path the sofa would have to take and began toting it. We had a brief break in the middle with the sofa sitting on the range. Then we moved on, but we reached a point where Lisa had to hold up her end while I clambered under the sofa (my end still sitting on the range) to get the right angle for lifting my end and carrying it into the living room.

Eventually we got the sofa into its intended new place in the living room. This makes the living room look more like a living room and frees up more space in the family room. Things will be even better in the future when we can move our "office" from the living room (where it's located because that's where the phone/internet is) to other places in the house, which will happen when we can improve the habitability of the rest of the house and Lisa can run Ethernet lines throughout the building.
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