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It's Official -- ConJose is Dead

I'm posting this from the meeting room in the Fremont/Centerville Train Station where SFSFC has just finished up a special meeting to deal with several issues that needed to be resolved before our next regular meeting in November. One thing that wasn't urgent but which we bundled into the meeting was the final action of ConJose. The last bits of official reports of the 2002 Worldcon and dealing with the remaining assets (money) were being managed by the ConJose Asset Management Committee. I, representing CJAM, presented ConJose's final report to WSFS this year. ConJose has done everything required of it by WSFS; all of the WSFS-reportable funds of ConJose have been spent or accounted for; and ConJose has no further WSFS responsibilities, so SFSFC officially discharged the CJAM Committee.

This means that after nine years and two months (the 2002 bid committee was formed in July 1996), SFSFC no longer has a committee that is either bidding for a Worldcon, operating a Worldcon, or managing the clean-up after a Worldcon. Hooray!

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