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I'm still worn out from this past weekend, so I'm working from home today. However, thanks to the new nanny software rules, this means I won't be able to see LJ until much later today, because in a minute I have to turn on the VPN software in order to access my machines at work, and while that's on, I will be on the company network and thus blocked from LJ.

Update, 9:45: How interesting! I idly tried to look at LJ while logged in through the company network on my home machine, and it let me through. It's not like the net-nanny doesn't apply in these cases, as I've stumbled into site blocks while connected through VPN before.

Further Update, 10:55: Ah, I see what happened: the net-nanny that started blocking LJ last week has started letting it through again. (While logged in remotely to one of my machines in the office, I launched its web browser and could see LJ from there.)
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