Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Well Enough to Party

The bronchitis is not completely gone (and there are still three doses of antibiotics to go), but I was feeling well enough today to drive up to Oakland and brave the twisty hill roads that eventually lead to the headquarters of Locus, where I'd been invited for their annual holiday party. I'm flattered that they invite me, and try to go when I can. As usual, it was a very convivial gathering including some leading luminaries in the field of SF/F/Fandom. I even got a bit of WSFS business done about which I will not speak more, but which I've been asked to deal with for several years by the Mark Protection Committee and about which I've kept forgetting until I was finally in the same room with the person with whom I needed to discuss. Some things are better done in person rather than e-mail.
Tags: health, locus, wsfs
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