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Okay, it's not really cold in the Bay Area compared to most other places I frequent (particularly Fernley), but what I'm about to relate was still going to make me chilly.

When I started the van this morning, I rolled down the driver's side window because it had condensation on it (along with the front window, which I cleared with the wipers), and I didn't want to have to wait around too long to get things warm enough with the heater. I pulled away and headed to work.

The window wouldn't roll back up. I have electric windows, with no manual control, and the window would only go up about a third of the way. I fiddled with it and found that it would go all the way down, but only one-third up.

I drove to the office (about twelve miles) along US-101 this way. I was just as happy that traffic was heavy enough to keep my speed down to no better than 45 MPH most of the way, because it was fairly chilly this morning, and the wind blowing in the window made me glad I had on a sweater. I also had chills trying to figure out how I could secure the van and keep out rain (expected tomorrow) until I could get the window fixed.

When I got to the office, I fiddled with the window some more. With a pop, whatever was binding the window freed up and it closed all the way. That's a relief.

Of course, now I can't open my driver's side window until I am prepared to undertake repairs. Maybe if I drive home to Fernley over Christmas (not decided; it will depend on weather conditions that week), we can put the van in the garage and take the door panel off to investigate what's holding things up.
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