Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Site Migration

Something that happened this past week with little fanfare (and that was intentional) was that The Hugo Awards web site migrated from our old hosting service (which was being phased out) to a new one, and once we were sure that was working, Cheryl also took the opportunity to upgrade the site to the newer version of WordPress and update the site theme. This is something that we've been meaning to do for some time (and we had a hard deadline of the end of the year from the old host), but there were countless delays behind the scenes into which I see no reason to digress. But thank goodness WSFS reversed the decision of the WSFS Mark Protection Committee, allowing Cheryl to be reappointed to the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee earlier this year, and further thanks to Cheryl for being willing to come back after the way she was treated by a past administration. Also thanks to debgeisler, who manages the domain registrations on behalf of WSFS for that site, for taking time out during one of the hectic times in the academic calendar to help us out.

In any event, this part of the year is probably the best time to do migrations and changes to the Hugo Awards site, as the traffic on the site is quite low (except for spambots). In a few weeks, when this 2013 Hugo Awards ballot is released, I expect traffic will heat up again, and I'm glad we have the new version of the site in place before then.
Tags: cheryl, hugo awards, wsfs

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