Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Latkes & Laughs at the Retrodome

This evening I got to see The MeshugaNutcracker! in concert. With the exception of Santastic!, which runs Saturdays through next weekend, this was the final main-stage production at The Retrodome before they close forever at the end of January. (They'll continue to show movies and host sing-along/quote-along shows through January.) A bunch of BASFA members were among the large crowd there. (I found myself wishing that if The Game Show Show had been able to pull in these audiences, they might have been able to keep it open a bit longer or do a sort of last-gasp run in January, but never mind about that.) I had a grand time, and thanks to Ken Patterson for rebooking my ticket into the "BASFA Group" section since I'd bought my ticket late and forgot to tell him I was coming.

Since I had only bought an ordinary ticket rather than the "I Love the Dome" package, I didn't partake of the post-show food, but I did buy some of the latkes they were serving before the show and during intermission. (Delicious!) I also got some more mileage out of my reusable cup from The Game Show Show.

I do hope the Retrodome team are able to find a new home. These people are much too much fun to be allowed to just peter out. And shame on the owners of the shopping mall for not renewing the lease in favor of putting in more parking spaces for the mall.
Tags: basfa, retrodome

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