Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Now I Know Why They Had Goose Clubs

Although the forecast today was for snow, it's just as bad for tomorrow, so we pulled ourselves together and headed to Reno today to do our big grocery shopping expedition, including picking up a goose.

We've never had goose before, but after the success with the duck over Thanksgiving we thought we'd give goose a try. But it's surprisingly difficult to find. I contacted Whole Foods Market in Reno, and they said they have to be special ordered, so I put in an order for one a couple of weeks ago. After our large-scale shopping trip to Winco and medium scale trips to Grocery Outlet and Cost Plus World Market, we went to Whole Foods and applied to get our goose. It took them a bit of hunting around to find our order, but they eventually got it to us. The price is, to me, eye-watering: $110! That had better be one incredible bird.

We made a brief stop at the Nugget on the way home. (We brought the electric ice chest with us so that the goose and other perishables would neither spoil nor freeze in the snowy weather we're having. Lisa played the new Godzilla slot machine and got the Monster Island bonus round fairly quickly, walking away with a quick $14 profit. Because of the intermittent snow (looks like an inch or two fell on Reno today, but much of it started melting right away), we didn't stay in town for dinner, but instead headed home before dark, which of course falls very early this time of year.

If it did snow in Fernley today, it had all melted by the time we got home. The forecast continues to say we have the potential for several centimeters of snow here. There's more up on the hills to the west. We saw as we went into Reno that I-80 west was closed to big rigs beyond Nevada Exit 1, and I later saw that R-2 chain conditions were in effect from the Nevada state line to Baxter. Chains were also required north and south of Reno on US-395 and I-580, but not east toward Fernley.

I'm in the mood for hibernation, myself.
Tags: fernley, lisa, reno, shopping, weather

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