Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

White Christmas Eve

The light dusting of snow over earlier rain left things looking even nicer this morning than yesterday. Once again, it's melting off as the sun burns through, and it looks like it will be mostly gone by later today.

Lisa wanted to run into Reno on her own for some last-minute shopping, but her pickup wouldn't start. We used the Big Orange Van to jump-start the Small Orange Pickup, then I followed her over to O'Reilly Auto Parts in my own minivan and we bought her a new battery. The fellow at O'Reilly recognized Lisa because he used to work for our plumber and was involved in some of the work under our house.

After swapping batteries, Lisa headed for Reno and I headed home. She left travelswithkuma with me, so I guess she's looking for presents for Small Bear.
Tags: fernley, lisa, weather

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