Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Let It Snow

Last night we had the heaviest snowfall we've had at Fernley since we moved here in August 2011. The snow began falling fairly steadily last night and I was kept busy sweeping the walk. The fall was fast enough that by the time I reached the trailer, it was time to turn around and work my way back to the house. I made several laps, changing to the heavier-duty push broom, before calling it a night.

Lisa has been keeping odd hours, turning in early and waking up in the middle of the night, but that worked out for the best, because she did more sweeping and shoveling overnight (we don't have a snow shovel, but a flat-blade shovel suffices) and kept the fire going in the house so when I got to work at 7 AM, the walk was clear and the house was warm.

This is the front yard taken from the front porch.

The lot to the east of us.

From the front gate I saw this striking view of the mountains to the northwest, which were getting the first rays of the rising sun before it peeked through on Fernley.

Not wanting to spoil the pristine snow-covered front yard, but wanting a photo from that side, I walked the long way around. Here are critter tracks — of what, I'm not certain — across the lot to the east of our house.

I cast a long shadow as the rising sun illuminates my Astro van and Lisa's Big Orange Van.

Here's an angle of the property I don't show often: looking back across the lot from the east.

I set out attempting to reproduce this photo that Lisa took over a year ago and that I'm using as the icon here. It took me several attempts hiking back and forth around the property to get the angle as close as I could, but I manged it eventually.

The timing was perfect here, as a break in the weather gave us a bright blue sky.

Shortly after I took these photos, the next band of weather moved in and it started snowing again. We're sure glad we have lots of supplies laid in, because chains are required in all directions outside of Fernley itself. We don't really want to go anywhere other than possibly to roll down to Hanneman's Service and refill the propane bottle we swapped out last night.
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