Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow Kuma

Yesterday, while we were clearing the sidewalks and porch of snow, Lisa balled up some of it. "Please don't hit me with a snowball," I asked.

"I won't," she said, "But this snow is the perfect consistency to make a snowman."

"How about a snow bear?" I asked. She got a glint in her eye.

Later than afternoon, she asked me to come help with her construction. I had to help carry relatively clean snow (from places that don't have dirt under the snow) to her while she worked on her creation outside the front gate. Eventually she had a result to show travelswithkuma

Kuma Bear sat on Snow Kuma's shoulder while I hiked the long way around so I could get a photo without footsteps in the foreground.

Little Kuma has his reaction here.

It has been cold enough that the Snow Kuma is still standing guard on the front gate. I'm annoyed that there are two Union Pacific semi-trailers parked across the street in such a way that people passing on trains can't see the snow bear. I wish I'd been outside when the garbage truck came by for the weekly collection to see if they reacted to the bear. Maybe we should have sprayed him with water so he'd freeze up overnight and last longer.
Tags: fernley, kuma bear, lisa

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