Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood-Bearing Errands

The snow we've had and the cold weather accompanying it means we've been burning firewood faster than we've hoped in order to keep the living room warm. Today, with the weather pretty decent, Lisa hooked up the utility trailer to the Big Orange Van and we headed off to Big R in Fallon, where I knew they were selling firewood by the half-cord bag. (Nobody in Fernley seems to sell firewood. Lowe's sells lots of pellet-stove wood, but our fireplace burns cordwood, not pellets.)

One tire on the trailer was nearly flat, so Lisa eased it down to Hanneman's, where we had just bought propane, and they refilled the tire. It turns out that one of the people working there lived in our house when he was a little boy. Small town.

We headed off to Fallon and Big R. Boy, do we wish this store was in Fernley. (It might be, eventually; we've heard that they plan to open a Fernley store in what used to be the True Value Hardware.) Big R is a Ranch & Home store, and has many of the things we need for the home under one roof. Besides the half-cord of juniper, we got a whole lot of small things we've been needing around the house. We also looked longingly at a large air compressor on sale at a relative bargain price and also at a generator to serve as backup power for the trailer, but we really can't afford those.

We have a couple of icy spots on the sidewalk on our property, so for the first time in my life, I bought ice-melting salt. We got the smallest bag, since there's only a couple of square meters that need coverage. It's a high-traffic area, and we've already slipped there a few times, so we thought we needed to get it done.

After we paid for everything, they gave us a tag for the half-cord of firewood, which comes in a large sack on a pallet. Lisa drove around back and they brought us the firewood on a forklift. Fortunately, the rear gate of the trailer comes off; otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to get the wood into the trailer. Lisa was pleased that we're getting use out of that trailer, given the challenge of getting it down here from Oregon in the first place.

When we got home and stowed the trailer, we covered the sack with the plastic sheeting to keep the wood dry. We'll move it as necessary to the wood box. In retrospect, it appears that maybe we shouldn't have bought the more expensive juniper, which some sources are telling me burns too hot and too fast compared to the less expensive fir. Sigh. When I can scratch up enough money, I'll pay the place from which we bought last year to bring us two cords of pine, which would save driving over to Fallon to get the wood in the first place.
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