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Reno/Sparks New Year

Lisa and I headed into Reno yesterday afternoon as soon as I could get clear of work (which wasn't until nearly 5 PM, darnit) because I had some discount coupons expiring at the end of the year for things we wanted to pick up. The first place was closed by the time we got there, although it's not much of a hardship as they'll probably send out more coupons by the time we need their stuff again. We went by Whole Foods and spent too much money on cheese again. (We wrapped the cheese in a cloth bag so it wouldn't freeze in the back of the van.) We were about the last customers in Cost Plus before they closed early themselves. We were originally going to go have dinner at the Nugget, but Lisa started feeling like getting a salmon plate, so we headed for the Manhattan Deli at the Atlantis. (Renovation members should remember this restaurant, at which Lisa and I eat fairly regularly.) The food is good, but the service at the Nugget is much better.

I had two entries for the $10K drawing at the Nugget to be held after midnight, so we headed over there, albeit somewhat earlier than we'd originally planned. Lady Luck was not with us at all, and (trying to be responsible about such things) after we'd lost our limit, there wasn't a whole lot to do but to hang around until midnight. Our "late night splurge" was to buy some sodas and go play pinball in the upstairs arcade. We were at the Nugget last year at this time, and there were, we think, a whole lot more people here this year than last. Maybe the economy is improving?

One criticism we had was that the restaurants were all keeping their normal hours, except that a few that are normally closed Monday were actually open tonight. We ran into Stephen Ascuaga and Lisa told him that we thought that for this night only, where they were deliberately doing things that would keep people in the casino pretty late, that they might have wanted to keep some of the restaurants (other than the coffee shop, which is always open) running a little later. Surely the causal Noodle Hut would have done late-night business if they hadn't closed up at 8 PM, for instance.

Come midnight and there was the traditional hooraw, followed (rather later than intended due to computer problems) by the big $10,000 drawing. We didn't win, but by Murphy's Law, if we'd bailed out early (as we'd considered doing), surely my name would have turned up in the must-be-present-to-win drawing.

We like the Nugget, but we don't like cigarette smoke, and we especially don't like cigar smoke, and there was a whole lot of it around the place last night. Still, it's hard to begrudge our favorite casino a lot of traffic and revenue, since we keep enjoying the place.

Fortunately the roads were clear of both bad weather and bad drivers as we returned to Fernley, getting home around 1:30 AM and falling into bed soon thereafter. We were in no hurry to get up this morning, but having done so eventually, we're heading off to Fallon soon to exchange some of the parts we bought a couple of days ago for the correct ones. Besides, there's always something else needed around a house like this.
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