Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In Case You Need Some S/t/i/n/k/i/n/g/ Badges

When my office in San Mateo closed, many bits and pieces of office supplies were on the discard pile. I acquired a box of miscellaneous name badge brackets of various types and sizes, probably a couple hundred in all, but not all the same style and type. Nonetheless, they might be useful for any small convention willing to make due and manage rather than spend money buying new badge brackets. Contact me (you can message me through LJ at my user name if you don't already have my address) if you're interested. I'd prefer this to be something I can hand over to you at a BASFA meeting rather than having to ship it to you, as it's apt to cost more to ship than if you bought it yourself locally.
Tags: conventions

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