Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dusting Off Old Icons

I did a work errand to Fremont this morning, and after dealing with the business there headed over to Centerville to leave my van with my mechanic. I was running a bit late, and had to trot over to the Centerville train station if I was going to make the 9:29 train back to San Jose and not have to wait three hours for the next one. If the train hadn't been running a minute late, I would have missed it — it was that close.

While working from the apartment, I set up my personal laptop to display video, plugging the S-Video and audio cables into an adapter that converts the signal it to cable, and plugged it into the TV that comes with the aparatment. This is the same equipment (except for the television) that I used on one of my TV sets in Fremont. The signal and sound are fine, except that the picture is only in black and white.

(No, it's not a PAL set. No, there's no place in the settings to change the output signal between NTSC and PAL.)

I think it's something wrong with the television, but without another set on which to test it, there's no way to tell. Looks like I'll be watching the Australian Open in black and white.

Update: Examining the S-Video cable, I note that one pin is missing on one end. That must be the pin that carries the color information. I'll try to remember to buy a new cable at Fry's in Sacramento tomorrow on my way from there to Yuba City to visit my sister and mother. I'm taking the train and renting a car from there.

In the meantime, it turns out that WatchESPN is showing the Caribbean 20/20 Cricket tournament, so I put that on in the background while I worked on the Day Jobbe. The match ended up tied, so I also got to see a "super over" tiebreaker for the first time.
Tags: cricket, sport

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