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Traffic Jams

I had an 8:30 conference call this morning, so I got up earlier than I usually do and headed to the office early. And proceeded to get stuck in traffic. There were two accidents ahead of me. I calculated that I'd never make it to the office in time to take the call, so I bailed out just before the Dumbarton Bridge. I went home so I could take the call, and had just barely enough time to get my computer fired up and logged into the company network before the call so I could view the online demonstrations.

But the real traffic jam is in the apartment today, because cherylmorgan has multiple conference calls of her own today as part of her job as a energy industry consultant, and the most convenient way for either of us to take conference calls is from the wired phone in the office. Fortunately, none of our calls overlap, so after dealing with my call, I moved into the living room -- thank goodness for wireless networking while Cheryl started discussing electricity trading markets.

Meanwhile, the department at my company that handles such things says that I can purchase the PC we just decommissioned for $50 scrap value, and they have sent me the papers to sign to make it happen. I think I can find some use for it, so I expect to take the offer. Part of the deal requires me to wipe the machine's hard drive, but I have an uninstalled copy of Windows 2000 here, so I should be able to manage.

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