Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Show

I spent today at the RetroDome's last paid public event, that being the "Quote-along" Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was all good fun, with plenty of people in costume (alas, I left my fedora in Fernley) including a simply adorable little boy in a full Indy kit.

This photo is from after the showing, where Shannon Guggenheim had Little Indy draw the winning ticket for a raffle they were holding for the nice Last Crusade framed poster that a RetroDome enthusiast had brought in and donated, with the proceeds going to a local animal-rescue charity. Sorry for the quality, but the light conditions in there are awful and the camera-phone isn't meant to take these sort of shots. Maybe my real camera might have managed, but it's challenging. (There are two other photos from the same set posted next to that one on my Flickr account, one of which includes the winner of the raffle.)

For reasons having at their root a hot Sacramento Valley summer and the $1 movies being a place I could stay cool during the day, Raiders is the movie I've seen in a theater more than any other by a long shot. This afternoon, I finally got to do something I've always wanted to do: When, during the bazaar chase, the swordsman started brandishing his blade, I said, quite loudly, "Aw, just shoot the bastard!" which appeared to do down quite well as of course Indy did just that. It was all good fun, as was the large "boulder" (visible in the photo I posted) rolling down the center aisle in the early scenes, the Staff of Ra on stage (with Shannon Guggenheim letting Little Indy do the honors) at the correct point, a basket of dates being passed around ("Only one of them is poisoned!" quipped dprisoner), and other fun stuff.

I'm pleased that the 49ers won the NFC championship and will be in the Super Bowl, but I'm much happier having spent the afternoon with friends at the RetroDome watching Raiders and being silly.
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