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Cascading Televisions

On Monday night, I was the winning bidder on the 27-inch television that Kevin and Andy donated to the BASFA auction. (And a bargain purchase I think it was, too. Thanks, guys!)

I previously had a 17-inch and a 21-inch set, with the smaller one in my bedroom and the larger one in the entertainment center in the living room. Yesterday I pulled the 21-inch set out and set to enlarging the hole in the back of the entertainment center so that the 27-inch set would fit. The set is deeper than the entertainment center, and has to stick out the back. It just barely fits at all, and at that, I had to pull out the middle shelf and put the cable box on top of the DVD player on the top of the entertainment center. It is an improvement, and should see me through until such time as I spring for an HD TV.

Somewhat to my surprise, I got all of the cables back into the proper positions without a whole lot of trouble, and everything works again.

Tonight, the 17-inch set was retired, replaced by the middle-sized set. I took advantage of having that corner disassembled to do some vacuuming there -- I don't think it's been cleaned there since I moved in, and there was a lot of dust.

Now I have a surplus-to-requirements 17-inch television set. I bought this small set back when I worked for Blue Shield of California, shortly after they gave me a 90-day layoff notice. Why would I buy a TV when I was about to be laid off? Because the layoff meant I'd have to move out of company-provided housing (which included a TV), and I knew that the insurance on the credit card would make the payments on the TV while I looked for another job. It's a very minimal set, with only a round cable connector and no RCA A/V inputs. I saved the box for this set -- it was in storage for several years, and the box is still up in my storage locker in Yuba City.

Unless I get a better offer or find some other way to dispose of it, I'll probably put the 17-inch set back into storage the next time I go up to Yuba City.

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