Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Call at the RetroDome

Last weekend was the last "public" event for the RetroDome (that is, an event for which you could purchase a ticket), but Saturday night was the final event of them all. The RetroDome put on a special retrospective/farewell event for friends, family, invited guests, and a few lucky fans who were able to get the handful of remaining seats (I read that they "sold out" in fifteen minutes). You couldn't buy a ticket for this one. They performed numbers from the shows they've done over the years, brought back lots of people who had performed there in the past, brought up on stage many people who have been involved with the 'Dome, and generally had a wonderful (albeit sad in other ways) time.

A group of us that Shannon Guggenheim has dubbed the "super fans" who come to their movie presentations in costume had been invited, including me. (I was deeply grateful to receive an invitation.) Lisa was invited to come as well, but the weather conditions and the need to keep the fire burning at Fernley House and prevent the pipes from freezing meant she had to stay home. However, she played a part in my participation. None of my costume stuff is down here. Lisa mailed my Spamalot tabard, which arrived in Saturday's mail, just in time. This is a case of the costume having been at the 'Dome before but not me in it, since I'd loaned it to the "superfans" for a Monty Python and the Holy Grail quote-along experience. We were actually given assigned seats in the audience down close so that Shannon could call upon us and thank us for participating as well.

After all of the performances and thank yous, there was one final song to sing. I had been taking photos from my good camera (cranked up to ISO 1000; no idea how many of them turned out yet) from my seat in the third row. As Shannon sang the first verse, I realized that this was a one-off song and utterly un-recreatable. I quickly spun the dial on the camera to its video-recording setting and managed to capture the rest of the song, the finale of live performances on stage at the RetroDome. I asked afterwards if there was any problem with me posting it, and Shannon said it was fine to do so, so here it is:

Following an intermission, as Shannon alludes to at the end of the video, there was the final movie screened at the RetroDome. It was another un-recreatable experience, and no, I can't explain why; for this one, you had to be there, sorry. On the way out for the last time, I thanked Shannon for inviting all of us into their oversized living room to show us a movie on their massive home theater system with the great sound.

As always, I left the theatre with a big smile on my face. I only wish I had really known about this place when they opened in 2009, and I really look forward to them finding a new home in the Bay Area.

This won't actually be the last time I'm in the building, since I've volunteered to come back in February and help tear out the seats from the Red Room where we were tonight, after having done so in the Blue Room last week. I just need to remember to bring my heavy boots down from Nevada with me so I feel less worried about putting a spike through my day to day work shoes.

Thank you once again to the RetroDome for being so wonderful and sharing the memories with us on Saturday night and for letting me be there to witness it.
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