Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Super Fans Assemble!

Near the end of last night's Final Event at the RetroDome, those of us costumed people who Shannon Guggenheim dubbed the "Super Fans" gathered for a final set of photos in front of the backdrop that dprisoner had set up and where he'd been recording video testimonials for the RetroDome. The Other Jerry (McAllister, the Production Manager, as opposed to Jerry Majors-Patterson, the Costume Queen) graciously agreed to take the photos so that I could be in them myself.

I took a whole lot of photos last night (89), a surprisingly large number of which actually turned out, more or less, and they're now posted to the RetroDome set on my Flickr account. (The set also includes older photos.) As with all of my photos on this subject, you're welcome to re-use them with attribution under the CC license on them. I've explicitly re-licensed them as Attribution/Share-Alike and removed the non-commercial restriction on them in case the RetroDome finds any use for them.
Tags: costumes, retrodome

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