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Reasons Not to Upgrade

In the process of moving files from the old, now retired work machine to the new, upgraded computer, I had occasion to open a PDF that I created in Acrobat 5.0 with "fillable" fields. (It's a form for my healthcare savings account that I have to turn in periodically. I got tired of filling out the fields, so I made a copy that had most of the fields filled in already.) I needed to change one of the field's characteristics. This is when I learned that versions of Adobe Acrobat after 5.0 took the form-design tool and put it into the "Professional" version, while the "Standard" version that comes with our machines here at work is somewhere between "Professional" and "Reader" and does not contain the form tool, so I can't modify the previously-created form.

Boo, hiss! I used that same tool to make a "fillable" PDF of SFSFC's SMOFCon scholarship application form, and while SFSFC will be offering the scholarships again (details sometime soon), I'm not sure I'll be able to provide that fillable PDF. On the other hand, nobody used it -- all of the applications were either hand-written or submitted online through the web-form.

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