Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not a Good Shopping Day

Today was a terrible day to do a big grocery run. Besides all of the people stocking up for their Super Bowl revels, with it being the first of the month all the various benefits payments had arrived. Consequently Winco Foods, even with every line open, was backed up massively. It took more than twenty minutes from the time I joined the queue until we were out the door. But we really needed to go today because I'd been away a month and the larder had been drawn down considerably. Mind you, we probably could have gone tomorrow afternoon and had the place close to ourselves, but I do actually want to watch the Super Bowl® tomorrow. We don't have an antenna or cable to watch television at home, but I hope to be able to go to one of the casinos here in Fernley and watch the game, even if I have to put down a small bet (on the 'Niners, of course) to do so.

First stop in Reno/Sparks, however, was at Big O Tires, where it was time to bite the bullet and replace all four tires on my van. My regular mechanic warned me when he did the front-end work a couple of weeks ago that the tires were nearly gone, and I could feel a lot of vibration from poor handling while coming into Sparks today. Although I've had good experience with America's Tire in Fremont, Lisa has had even better experience with Big O. We'd prefer to spend our money as locally as possible, but because we travel a lot, we need the reassurance of a national chain, so we couldn't use Fernley Tire and we did go with Big O. The owner remembered us as we came in after having done one tire on Lisa's van, and carefully showed us the tire choices. He also didn't patronize Lisa and spoke knowledgeably with her. Lisa had already done a lot of research, so it didn't take long to make a decision, and we'd managed to come along at a relatively slow time in their day, so we were through pretty quickly. $750 later, I have four new tires and the van feels much better. Mind you, between fresh tires and a repaired front end, I have to learn how to drive a relatively responsive van again instead of a mushy, poor-gripping one. I'll manage.
Tags: lisa, reno, van

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