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Traffic, Teeth, Tennis

I had an early-morning dentist appointment in Redwood Shores, so I was up at 5:30 AM to I would be sure to be able to get there in plenty of time, which I did, arriving over an hour early. But I'm sure that had I left 30 minutes later, I would have been late — traffic was already slowing as I worked my way north from San Jose at 6:30 AM.

I've now had the chipped tooth ground down and measured for a gold crown, which might end up being a little visible as it's the bicuspid forward of the molars, although not directly forward-facing. I prefer gold on a crown because it's so durable and non-reactive. There's a temporary crown in place until the permanent one comes back from the lab next month.

If I thought the morning traffic was bad, it was nothing compared to the afternoon drive, which I heard one of the KCBS traffic reporters describe as the worst traffic day she'd ever seen, and that's saying quite a lot. I have no idea what caused every freeway in the Bay Area to simultaneously freeze up, but in my case it took nearly 90 minutes to go twelve miles.

I got to the SAP open around 7:30 PM on light rail from my apartment, just as a third-set tie-breaker was being played to finish Lleyton Hewitt's singles match with Sam Querry. Querry won, but that wasn't the last we'd see of Hewitt, as it was back later than evening for the doubles match (partnered with Marinko Matosevic) against the #1 ranked Bryan Brothers. (Top seeded Milos Raonic defeated Michael Russell 6-3, 7-5 in the first evening-session match.) To my surprise, Hewitt/Matosevic took the Bryans the distance and won the "match tiebreaker" played in doubles matches these days to upset the top doubles seeds 6-4, 6-7 (5), 10-7.

There was another doubles match to play, but it was after 10:30 PM and I have to work on Friday, so I headed back toward the light rail station. Rather than wait ten minutes for the train at San Fernando station, I "cut across" to Santa Clara, but that just meant I ended up catching the same Civic Center-bound light rail train I would have caught in the first place. That train unfortunately terminates one stop short of Gish, where I was going. I had the choice of waiting twelve minutes for the following Baypointe train or walking. I decided to walk. Google maps says it's 1.4 km. It was a draw, with me getting to Gish just as that following light rail train did. In the end, I walked 2.5 of the approximately 5 km between my apartment and the Shark Tank. Oh, well, it's good exercise.
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