Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Tennis

My camera-phone isn't really the best for taking high-speed action shots of tennis, and I have been making an effort to travel light to the games so that I don't have to have a bag for the security people to search, so these are the only photos that turned out from the past two days.

John Isner serves here to to Vasek Pospisil (out of shot to the right) in their second-round match on Wednesday night. Like most people, Pospisil struggled with the serves from Isner that must have looked like they were descending from orbit, but also as what I'm told is usual, when Isner is up a set and loses a service game in the second, he tends to give up and focus on winning the third set, relying on getting a couple of aces every service game.

One of Isner's service aces was so powerful that it caused this banner covering the front of the grandstand to fall off. They left it lie until the next changeover; this photo shows them securing the banner back into position.

On Thursday night, top seed and defending champion Milos Raonic (left) took the court against Michael Russell in a second-round match. Raonic went on to win 6-2, 7-5.

Quarter-final matches tonight, with Hewitt/Matosevic trying to follow up on their upset win over the Bryan Brothers. I'm not likely to be able to watch that one, however, as I'm apt to fall asleep and it's likely to be after Midnight before the match finishes. (The last train leaves at 12:25 AM and even that one leaves me 1.5 km short of home, although the weather is so fine today that this isn't an issue.)
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