Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Better

Falling into bed at 4 PM yesterday and sleeping for ~12 hours (including a wakeful spell in the middle) seems to have helped my health a bit, and I did put in a typical 10-plus-hour work day today. Therefore, it looks very plausible that I'll be able to get away mid-day Friday to head home to Fernley for the weekend.

I got a bit of a start when the management of the apartment here in San Jose called to ask if I would be renewing the lease when it expired "at the beginning of April."

"Don't you mean the end of April?" I asked.

"No, the beginning. Your lease ends at the end of March," they said.

"Could you check that, please? I don't have my copy of the lease with me, but I'm pretty sure it runs through the end of April."

They checked. I was right. They'll ask again next month. So my moving plans are still on schedule.
Tags: apartment, health, house
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