Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Weekend in Fernley

I got away before Noon today and it made a huge difference: I got to Sacramento before 3 PM and traffic was mostly moving just below the speed limit instead of creeping along from I-5 to Roseville. Indeed, if there hadn't been an accident on the climb out from Rocklin to Newcastle that caused a mile-long trudge, I hardly would have slowed down at all through the Sacramento area. I actually made it over Donner Summit before sundown (of course the days are longer now as well), and was home around 7 PM.

I'm just here for the weekend, as I have tickets for Lisa and I to go see Al Stewart at Boomtown tomorrow night. I've been to see Al Stewart twice, but Lisa has never seen him live in concert, so we're looking forward to this.
Tags: fernley, lisa
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