Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Painting the Town

We were very late getting off to Reno-Sparks today, having slept in and having had brunch at Grate Thyme Kitchen, where we dawdled over our food (we were their last customers of the day). The owner/chef came and chatted with us, and we continued to enthuse over the good traffic she seems to be drawing. She told us that she's training a chef to take over some of the work so that she doesn't have to work seven days a week, and that they might be able to start serving dinner soon. It's nice that Fernley appears to be able to support a cut-above restaurant.

Running as late as we were, we thought we might not get into Reno before Sherwin-Williams closed (they were running a sale and we thought it a good time to get some paint and supplies now that the weather is getting to where we can start painting again). Fortunately, they were actually open until 6, and we got there before 5. As in the past, they did good by us, explaining to Lisa what kinds of paint would do what for what she wanted to get done. Unlike our last big paint purchase (most of which we still have, but the paint will keep if unopened), none of this paint was actually manufactured in Fernley.

After some other errands, we stopped for dinner at the Peppermill's buffet, and were underwhelmed. The food was bland (except for something Lisa got that was too far the other way and was much too spicy), and the selection of desserts was disappointing. I guess there's a reason why the queue for the Atlantis buffet is so much longer at comparable times.

Having had a bunch of buffet food, our grocery shopping was curtailed, but we did stock up on certain staple items before making our way back home. I'm glad that I don't have to drive back to the Bay Area tomorrow. Being able to sleep in is a great luxury.
Tags: fernley, food, reno

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