Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Making Myself At Home

We did something today at Fernley House that we've never done before: sat out on our porch. (The porch is visible to my right in the icon photo.) It was pleasant this afternoon after I knocked off work, I wasn't dead to the world the way I've been much of the past week-plus, and Lisa was also somewhat mobile, although she, like I, is still coughing a lot. We got out two of the plastic patio chairs that have been with me since the days of the Pleasant Hill Slan Shack in South San Jose, cleaned them up, and spent a nice half hour or so sitting out on the porch of our house. Regrettably, no train came by to make it a perfect evening, but it was nice nonetheless.

Eventually, the sun started setting, and more surprisingly, mosquitoes began to appear, and we had to retire inside, but it was still a pleasant milestone in our house-owning experience.
Tags: house, lisa
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