Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Better All the Time

Nothing new to report here. I'm better than I was yesterday, coughing less and sleeping more soundly. Still a lot of goop in my lungs, unfortunately.

Because I'll be busy hosting the Hugo Award Nomination Announcement on Saturday afternoon (when we typically would be doing our shopping in Reno/Sparks), we're going to try and see if I can clear off from work a little early on Friday and go do our shopping then. That will also give us a chance to go look at a commercial plumbing supply store (open to the public, but 9-5 weekdays) for potential new fixtures for the house. Lisa wants heavy-duty, not-cheap-Chinese junk fixtures, since our plans for Fernley House are for the long haul. Our regular plumber suggested Lisa go look at this place in Sparks and if we find things we like, he can install them.
Tags: health, house, hugo awards
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