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One Restored Hard Drive Later...

We did get many things done today, including replacing my wireless phone that was on the verge of literally falling apart, but the headline event was buying a new hard drive and installing it on "Tsuki 2," Lisa's replacement computer.

It is getting more and more difficult to buy mobile phones that do not have a camera built into them. I do not want a camera-phone, nice as it might be to be able to take quick snaps at a convention or something like that. Some of my company's clients ban camera-phones from their buildings, as do courthouses and other government buildings, and I can't say as I blame them.

Anyway, after picking out one of the few low-end phones that still don't have a camera on them, I had to pay more for the accessories (car charger, holster) than for the phone. And when I got home, I realized that I'd let myself be talked into buying a flip-phone phone that did not have an external display. Sigh. Now I'm stuck with it for at least two years. Naturally (he said sarcastically), even though it's from the same manufacturer as my last phone, none of the accessories except the external headset are compatible -- the charger and holster are different. I'm sort of surprised the headset is still compatible, but they continue to use the 1/8" jack. Given the way mobile phone manufacturers are, I was sort of expecting that they would change the hardware spec on every single phone, so they can stick it to you on accessories. Grumble.

Getting the hard drive installed and configured was less work than I feared it would be. The drive fit into the carrier and thus into the computer without difficulty, and I put in the WinXP installation CD-ROM in the drive, fired up the computer, and followed the instructions. It had no problem recognizing that there was a hard drive there that needed partitioning and reformatting, which it proceeded to do, after which it installed WinXP. This took around 90 minutes, of course, but that's okay, as I just set the machine aside while we watched the Super 14 Rugby second semi-final.

A bit more work was getting the various Dell-specific drivers installed, and getting 45 updates from Windows Update to get the machine up to date, but I got there eventually.

There were only a few applications that needed to be installed on the machine, one of which was Locomotion. Only when I went to install it did I discover that I must have left all three manuals up in Oregon. I have one of the CD-ROMs and two of the (empty) boxes, but none of the manuals. The manuals have the serial numbers that you need at installation (and which are not kept on the installed copies in any obvious way). I tried calling Lisa to see if she could scare up one of the manuals, but nobody answered. I hope she eventually calls me before leaving Oregon, so I can tell her we need to track down serial numbers again so I can re-install the Locomotion game.

Roller Coaster Tycoon has no such requirement, and installing it was not a problem.

It was a pretty busy day, and I haven't even gotten around to working on the Badges article, proofreading the next Emerald City, or moving the Match Game music from CD to tape.

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