Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Drive Drive Drive

I got away from Fernley at about Noon today, and arrived back at the apartment in San Jose just before 9 PM. It wasn't really the most enjoyable of drives today. There was wet snow over Donner Summit (not enough to cause chain controls, thank goodness) and off and on thunderstorms and heavy rain the rest of the way down and back to San Jose. Worst of all, however, was one of the longest stretches of slow traffic I've ever endured. Traffic was at a standstill on I-5 south approaching I-205 at Tracy, and moved stop-and-go with occasional stretches of 45 MPH running all the way to the I-580/680 interchange in Dublin/Pleasanton. From the traffic reports, I would have been worse off taking I-80/680, but that was Not Fun. And I guess there are people who slog through commute traffic that far every single day. Yuck.
Tags: traffic, weather

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