Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Reason I Get Exasperated

Here's how some of the people complaining that it's the responsibility of WSFS to adjust to their standards sound to me, by analogy.

Imagine a condominium community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Such communities generally have a board of directors elected by the members (unit owners, not necessarily the residents; I rented a unit in such a community for years but had no voice in its affairs since I didn't own the unit, although I was bound by the community's rules).

The San Francisco Giants are one of the two local baseball teams. They have won the World Series for two of the past three years. (I was watching the World Series ring ceremony earlier today and am listening to the game as I type this.) Imagine that some very eager Giants fans start complaining bitterly that the condo association won't paint their buildings orange and black, the Giants colors. After all, the Giants are Hot and Popular and the condo complex should repaint their buildings because the Fans Say So.

Well, there are some Giants fans in the condo association, and a couple of them try to put a motion before the association to do the repainting, which might well be expensive and disruptive, and probably would require raising the association dues to pay for the painting. But the condo complex is in Fremont, and most of the people living there are either not baseball fans, are fans of the green-and-gold Oakland A's, don't think orange-and-black are good colors for a building except around October 31st, or just think that the Giants fans making the proposal are cranks. The orange-and-black proposal goes down to defeat. The fans come back a year later with a new, modified proposal that allows some people to repaint their units if they want to do so. That one also goes down, because most of the association members think the complex looks better with a single unified color scheme.

The defeated fans get frustrated. The non-resident fans start complaining about how awful it is that the condo association won't repaint the buildings, since painting things orange and black would make them more popular with the fans of the World Series Champions. The post on their web sites that the condo association has a responsibility to the Giants fans to repaint the buildings.

Under those circumstances, do you really expect the members of the condo association to take the orange-and-black fans seriously?
Tags: baseball, democracy, giants, hugo awards, wsfs

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