Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Suddenly, I'm a Nevadan

My plan was to deal with the mechanics of establishing formal Nevada residency in a couple of weeks when I'll be here again, but after working until 2 AM last night to hit a deadline, I found myself able to quit for the week after lunch, and decided that I might as well do the work now. After all, there's a chance I might be too busy to afford the time on a weekday the next time I'm at home.

Lisa and went to our State Farm insurance agent (we already have her vehicles and the house with him) and added my minivan to the policy. Then we headed over to Fallon (for the third time in three days, which is not trivial, as it's a 50-mile round-trip) to the DMV.

I do wish we'd gone to Fallon when we registered Lisa's vehicles and got her driver's license. (There are no DMV offices in Lyon County; you have the choice of Fallon in Churchill County to the east and Reno/Sparks in Washoe County to the west, and they're about the same travel time either way.) Unlike the Reno/Sparks office, where we waited for ages and had to come back for a second round, at Fallon I waited less than two minutes before my number was called and the whole process was without a hitch. I'd filled out all of the forms in advance and gave them an avalanche of Official Papers to establish who I am and where I live. I didn't even have to get out my passport.

Like Lisa's vehicles, we got a Virginia & Truckee specialty license plate for the van. (A portion of the fee goes to fund the railroad.) Unlike Lisa's vehicles, I requested a custom plate number. I knew what plate I wanted, but it's taken. I knew it would be. I've seen the vehicle that has it: James Daugherty's van. So I took another, similar plate. Most of you reading this LJ will smile when you see it, I expect. Ironically, I was able to stump up the extra money for the vanity/specialty plates on account of having just received my California income tax refund. Added later: Let's just say that I won't be a particularly secret Secret Master of Fandom.

Having requested a custom plate, I couldn't just get the next one off the sequence like we did with Lisa. I had to turn in my California plates and now have the temporary registration to use until the permanent ones arrive, at which time I'll have to go back to Fallon to collect them.

I'm not completely done, yet; I need to call my old California insurance and cancel it (and get a refund of my remaining premiums). I need to work with my employer to change my official address and work out what sort of income tax withholding I have to do. Fortunately I won't be paying income tax in two states, as Nevada doesn't have a personal income tax; however, I'll owe California nonresident income tax for every day I am working in California, so I'll have to start keeping careful track of where I am each day so I can do the totals right come next year. I'm thinking I should initially just leave my withholding at the current permanent resident levels for this year until I have a better idea of just how much California income tax I'll be paying.

So after a couple of hours of paperwork, I suddenly found myself a resident of a state other than California for the first time in my life. It's a little unsettling in a way, although I've known it was coming for at least a year now.
Tags: fernley, nevada
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