Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Clean-Up on Front Street

I helped celebrate my first full day as a Nevadan by unofficially participating in Fernley Clean-Up Day, a civic event where volunteers clean up around the city. We didn't go through all of the formal advance registration and turning up at assembly areas. We just went and cleaned up a bunch of junk from the vacant lot on the east side of the house. The brush there acts as a sort of magnet for plastic sacks (which do eventually degrade, especially in this sun, but are ugly looking) and people have tended to toss beer bottles and other junk into the lot.

We filled 2/3 of our trash bin, which wasn't much, but it does help. While picking up glass bottle debris in the sand, we found one other piece of a different sort of glass: Lisa found what appears to be a cutting tool fashioned from obsidian: not an arrowhead and not obviously an axe, but clearly made of obsidian (which is not found locally, but does occur regionally) and clearly having been worked by hand. We don't know where it came from, but we saved that one.

We then hitched the trailer to my van and pulled it around to near the wood box, and Lisa climbed in and handed me the remainder of the ton of firewood we bought from Big R on my previous trip home. We don't expect to need more firewood this season, but I'm glad we bought that extra ton of the stuff. It's much easier as a two-person job.

Complicating things was that I scraped a long strip off my right little finger this morning. It's one of those long-shallow scrapes — not bad enough to need stitches or something like that, but painful and bloody. We cleaned it up right after it happened, and then after doing the yard work cut off the first set of bandages (which had saturated anyway), cleaned it all up again, and re-bandaged it after applying lots of antibiotic ointment.

It wasn't a huge amount of junk removal, but we did do a little bit to brighten our corner of Fernley.
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