Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Small Blue Planet

Last weekend, I was emergency holographic back-up sound tech for the Small Blue Planet podcast hosted by Cheryl Morgan. Cheryl's guests were Mélanie Fazi and Lionel Davoust discussing French science fiction and fantasy and many other interesting related topics. Cheryl has her description of the show on her site as well.

I didn't actually participate, as my job was to record the Skype conference call by which the four of us were able to "meet" for the interview. I did chat a little bit with them after the show, including telling them the story that debgeisler told me about a Boston Worldcon flyer translated into French by one of her Parisian colleagues and the reaction from Canada's Boréal Francophone SF convention, which amused them. (I'll leave to Deb to decide if she wants to retell it in public.)

It's an interesting hour-plus interview, and I hope folks will head over to the Locus Roundtable site and download and listen to the show.
Tags: cheryl, fantasy, locus, science fiction
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