Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Day

After working from the apartment this morning, we "struck the set" as best we could at the apartment in San Jose.

While I carried the plastic carpet protector down to my van, Lisa disassembled the IKEA desk. When I returned, we borrowed a cart from the apartment management and moved it to the van, followed by my office chair and my nightstand. (It should go without saying that these are my pieces of furniture that I moved into the apartment, not things that came with it.) After lunch, we disconnected the cable modem and I slogged down to Comcast to turn it in and cancel my account. They were, for a change, easy to deal with about this, especially after I explained that they don't serve Fernley. (Fernley's cable operator is Charter.)

Lisa packed more bits away. There's not a whole lot left, and what's mostly left is things we have to have tonight, like the sheets on the bed and our personal luggage, which we'll move out tomorrow morning.

Having (deliberately) used up all of the food in the apartment, we still needed dinner, so we walked down to the Smoking Pig BBQ, which isn't far from the apartment, but where I'd never eaten before. The place was so crowded that we took a to-go order. It was good, too, although perhaps if we eat there again we'll get the next-larger size, but only one of them, and then split it between us.

After dinner, we moved a couple more boxes of things down to the van. Because of the necessity of stripping sheets and the like, move-out tomorrow morning will be a bit more complicated than the usual hotel-move out (at which we're experts, what with all of our convention travel), but it should be not too much trouble. I brought my camera and will take video and still pictures of the apartment before we leave. We're not going to try for a white-glove cleaning, although I did get the hand-held vacuum cleaner out and do the carpet this afternoon. The management is planning to clean the place on Monday anyway. I don't think I really am giving them anything about which to complain.

I was able to bet the internet bridging from my mobile phone to work, although I did have to buy the full version of PDANet ($8, not too expensive) in order to also use it to bring up the Giants game. I have unlimited bandwidth on the mobile phone, so that's not a problem. Lisa chuckled over how much technology it took for me to listen to a baseball game being broadcast over the air; unfortunately, there's so much RF in this apartment that an AM radio just doesn't work.

So tonight is my final night in the Atrium Gardens apartment, after just slightly over one year here. I don't have a particular attachment to what is really just a glorified hotel room; however, it has served me decently for the past year and I have little to complain about. If I were expecting to be in the Bay Area more than I am, I'd renew the lease, but as it stands now, it will cost me less to rent cheap hotel rooms when I'm hear. (Or if any of my friends reading this have a spare bedroom they might consider renting, let me know and we can discuss it to our mutual benefit.)
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