Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Get Ready to Fill in the ____

As many of you know, we're planning on doing Match Game SF at Westercon 66 this Independence Day Weekend in Sacramento. While we haven't done a show in almost two years and could re-use old material, it's always more fun (particularly for returning panelists) to hear new questions. So once again I turn to you, the readers of my LiveJournal, for help. We need more Match Game Questions!

Remember that Match Game questions are not trivia questions. They are fill-in-the-blank questions where there is more than one possible answer, particularly if there are funny alternatives.

Bad question: "Albert Einstein said, 'God does not play ___ with the universe.'" This is bad because there's only one "right" answer.

Good question: "Albert Einstein said, 'God does not play dice with the universe; however, he does play ___ with it.'"

If you have GSN on your cable/satellite system, watch an episode of Match Game to see how it works. We want questions with an SF/F-related theme, but in practice, it's often possible to rework questions from the historical show with an SF/F "skin."

If you don't have my e-mail, you can post possible questions as replies to this post. (I'll moderate replies on this post for that reason.) Alternatively, you can direct message me on LiveJournal, or use my LJ handle All of those will get to me. I'll credit your question on the show.

Thanks for your help!
Tags: match game sf, westercon

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