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Match Game: Audio Tapes Cut

Tonight after coming from from BASFA, I copied the one piece of Match Game music I did not yet have on tape from CD to tape, that being the "Plug" music that we play under commercials. And we will have commercials! Our sponsors include the Hollister in 2008 bid (Chris Garcia delivered to me a bag of Casa de Fruta stuff today), Emerald City (copies of issue #129 to all players), and, pending agreement in the next few days, Cargo Cult Books, which will provide a $20 gift certificate to one winner. (I haven't yet decided how to determine which game has which prize.)

An interesting cultural distinction between the US and UK came up while I was discussing the commercials with cherylmorgan. I think that having a commercial break in between each game, with one of the sponsors getting a 30-second commercial read by our announcer, will add some "realism" to the game and show that we have our act together. Cheryl suggested that if we tried having commercial breaks at a British convention, the fans would be furious at us for the crass commercialism, even though all the sponsors are "in the family" (a hoax Worldcon bid, a Hugo Award-winning 'zine, and a dealer who is a former Worldcon chair).

Meanwhile, back to the tapes. Already on tape is the Main Title music (using a custom remix of the title from the Classic Game Show Themes CD so that there are enough "whomps" up front to allow announcer Eric Larson to introduce the panelists), and the continuous "Think" music.

The CD that Andy gave me has a couple of other variations of the "think" music, and if I had sound editing software handy, I might have tried creating continuous loops of it to put onto other tapes, but I don't have time for this, so we'll have to use the relatively boring "think" music that just plays the loop.

I have the boom box and various audio cables (in case BayCon program tech do end up getting us a small sound board into which we can push the sound, rather than having to rely only on the boom box) now set up by the rapidly-growing pile of "send to BayCon" stuff.

Meanwhile, big thanks to bigblued, who produced the very nice animated GIFs of the Match Game SF logo!
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