Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bet On It: BASFA Ambasadorial Appointment

At this past Monday's BASFA meeting, when Chris Garcia announced that he'd published the "Handicapping the Hugos" issue of The Drink Tank, I asked, "Will you also make book on the Awards?" Somewhat to my dismay, this led to a motion to, in light of my recent relocation to Nevada, appoint me as BASFA's Official Bookmaker. After some parliamentary fun and games, this morphed into a motion to appoint me "Ambassador to Amazonia," or at least the portion of it within the city limits of Fernley. (The regional Amazon distribution center is in Fernley, which is why some of you may have heard of it before I started writing about it.) This amended motion passed, so I have, for now, escaped potential accusations that I'm taking bets on the Hugo Awards.
Tags: basfa, fernley, hugo awards

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