Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Mother's Day

Lisa said today that for Mother's Day she wanted to go out to lunch. So I took her to a gas station and bought her a burger.

This was because she asked me to take her to Ernie's All American Burger in Sparks, multiple time winner of the Reno Gazette-Journal Best Burger award. We'd already had the second-best burger (the Awful-Awful at Rosie's Diner at the Nugget), and Lisa wanted to try the best. Ernie's is located in the other half of a building that houses the mini-market associated with a corner gas station. With everyone else taking mothers to fancy places, we had the restaurant nearly to ourselves this Sunday afternoon.

Was it worth it worth the trip? Yes! They serve an excellent hamburger. Lisa had their ordinary burger with mushrooms added, and I had the mushroom-swiss burger. It was good value for money and tasty burgers. And we were not at all hungry when we went for our weekly grocery shopping, which holds down shopping expenses.

I was not able to call my mother on Mother's Day because she does not have a telephone; however, she called me as we were leaving Fernley to head to Reno this afternoon. Since I had my headset on, I was able to talk with her until my phone dropped the signal in a part of the Truckee River canyon near Lockwood. Mom called me again a couple of hours later as we were doing the last bit of shopping before heading home. I currently plan to go visit her on our way back from Westercon.
Tags: family, food, lisa, reno

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