Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Licensed to SMOF

My Nevada license plates for the minivan were waiting for me when I got home on Saturday, and Lisa installed them before we headed to Reno for shopping yesterday.

I couldn't get SMOF because James Stanley Daugherty's vehicle has it, I didn't want SMOF2 in deference to the memory of Bruce Pelz, and I don't feel sufficiently egotistical to claim SMOF1, so I took the next-best thing.

Not only does this plate show off my two major hobbies (a portion of the registration fee goes to the Virginia & Truckee Railroad), but that my car was proudly purchased in the city of Emphysema.

I doubt anyone will get it except when I'm parked at a convention or an SFSFC board meeting, of course.
Tags: fandom, minivan, nevada, railroad, smofs, trains
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