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More Match Game Tech

BayCon programming tech support says that they do have a data projector, and that it's not booked for the 11:30 AM Sunday slot, so they'll bring it along. I hope we can figure out where to put it in order to throw the graphics up on the wall appropriately. If that works, we'll be able to show the animated opening title sequence, including the "build" of the panelists' names as they're introduced. (I can't figure out how to reproduce the actual opening titles of the show without at least two video cameras and a bunch of extra equipment that is certainly overkill for this application.)

I only wish we had more time to rehearse the opening and the tech. As it is, we'll have to get it right with minimal rehearsal. Ah, live performance, gotta love it. Of course, even with all of the extra complexity I've layered onto this performance, we could still do it "manually" without sound or electricity. The game design is such that we can always fall back if the fancy plans fail.
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