Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home At Last

I spoke too soon last night about leaving the rain behind. The storm moved over us overnight and it was raining steadily at Klamath Falls when we were ready to leave this morning. We brought the luggage cart down to the lobby and I brought the van, trailer and all, to the hotel forecourt where we could load in while not being soaked. After that we were on the road again heading homeward.

It was something of a long slog. The 300 miles between K-Falls and Fernley is broadly in three stages. Stage 1 ends at Alturas (we stopped briefly for me to get coffee). Stage 2 ends at the Honey Lake Rest Area. In between, we also stopped at the Surprise Valley Rest Area on US-395. While unkinking our legs, I spotted this little fellow who stayed put long enough for me to get the camera:

I then turned around and pointed the camera off in the general direction we would be heading:

This is country where you routinely see signs saying things like "Next Services 77 Miles." We were glad we brought the electric ice chest along with us and went through a lot of soda pop on this trip.

To my surprise, the cell phone signal was strong enough the entire trip south from Alturas that I was able to raise the Giants baseball game, which made the trip go somewhat faster, although the results of the game weren't what I wanted.

We stopped in Reno for groceries, then headed home as fast as we could, albeit trying not to exceed the recommended 55 MPH when towing a trailer. Given that the speed limit on I-80 east of Reno is 70 MPH, we were something of a road boulder, although of course I never got out of the right lane.

We were very happy to get home tonight, arriving a bit after 6 PM. Although we unloaded our personal luggage and groceries, we've put off unloading the trailer until tomorrow sometime when I can get free from work.

Lisa and I are both very tired; Lisa probably more than me. I reckon it will take at least the rest of this week to recover from this road trip, given all of the stress that it involved with the family. But recover we will. However, I need to get to bed early, because tomorrow I am back to work.
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