Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still a Recession?

As part of the ongoing work on Fernley House, we need to have an electrician in to run some new 220V circuits for the new water heater we expect to install soon and for the dryer, which we bought shortly after we moved in but have never been able to operate. There is an electrical contractor around the corner from our house, and we figured it would be easy for them to find us, so we called them first. It turns out that they are so swamped with work that it would be at least a month before they could even come quote the job! They referred us to a licensed electrician who used to work for them but who they had to let go when the housing boom busted; he's since set up shop on his own. We have left a message with the suggested referral and await a reply.

Our regular plumber, the wonderful Steve from Marraccini's, stopped by this afternoon because he was in the area and scoped out the next phase of work, including the hot water heater (which is why we need the electrical work scoped), with Lisa. Soon we may actually be able to even give Steve a "Go for it" work order. It would be nice to have hot water, a working shower, a working kitchen sink, and a working dishwasher in the house.
Tags: house, lisa, repairs

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