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I got away from Fernley much earlier than usual this morning, getting to Colfax about the time I usually leave Fernley. The total travel time was about the same, but it gave me a little extra time to settle in. I'm staying in a (relatively) inexpensive hotel in San José about a block away from the apartment I had here through April. It's cheap, and like its sister in Newark, the power outlets are almost impossible to find. I forgot to pack the long extension cord, but managed to make my CPAP (barely) reach with the short extension cord to the only outlet I could find in the room, hidden behind a desk. It makes me wonder how the housekeeper manages to vacuum the room.

This location costs more than Newark, but it is convenient to transit, and I'll need that as tomorrow I take the van to my preferred mechanic to deal with various issues and to make sure the vehicle is road-worthy for the Worldcon trip in August, and the Newark hotel has no practical transit options.

It takes me about eight hours to drive 300 miles including stops, not pushing hard, but driving at the speed limit most of the time. I need to bear in mind how tired I am after 300 miles when drawing up the travel plans to San Antonio. Even though Lisa and I will be able to share the driving duties, we must not ever forget what happens if you push this too hard. I was at the Las Vegas Westercon where the group driving down from Seattle tragically crashed (and one person died) due to the driver falling asleep at the wheel in an attempt to grind it through. Besides, I'm too old to do longer drives than this in one day.
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